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Always in Fine Form

When you purchase something online, whether through a website, Amazon, Etsy or somewhere else, do you ever worry whether it will arrive, and if it does whether it will be what you expected?

On a recent visit to our warehouse, a visitor saw us wiping down our no seal forms one-by-one and was quite surprised by this. When he asked us about it, we mentioned that this is a chance to not only get any dust off of them, but to also give them one final look to make sure that everything is okay before they’re carefully packaged in a box and sent out the door — one final chance at quality control.

Over the holidays I was speaking with a friend about working at Exotherm Designs and how only a couple of us have been responsible for packing and shipping out thousands of forms over the last three years. He was shocked by this and asked why we wouldn’t just farm this job out to a fulfillment centre. If this were the case, we would not get a final look at our products before they shipped to our customers around the globe.

This got me thinking of a story I heard recently. A family member was looking to buy a new wallet. He wanted it to be a specific size and also to not be made of leather. He found a company that sold vegan wallets which were made out of special recycled materials that mimic the qualities of leather. Before ordering it he read some reviews and learned about one person’s experience.

This person was also looking for a vegan wallet and was so excited to find this company and order it, but when it arrived it was assembled incorrectly and the compartments were all sewn together crookedly. When he notified the company, which was based in the U.S., they said they would happily replace it. After choosing a different style, to hopefully avoid this problem, the second wallet arrived with the exact same problem. This company had farmed their production to another country and never actually saw the finished product before it reached their customers.

While our operations may seem like a lot of tedious work, we are very happy to have control over the products that leave our warehouse and ship to you. We are proud to say that our forms are both produced and distributed in Canada. While we admit that no system is perfect, we always work with our customers to make sure they are completely satisfied with their purchases.

We appreciate each and every one of you and your business!

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