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In Any Way, Shape or Form

With Exotherm Designs carrying three different types of reusable forms —Premium, Vacuum-Formed and Silicone — do you find yourself questioning which one is right for your project? While our premium and vacuum-formed forms are very popular, you can’t beat the versatility of our silicone molds.

In our opinion, what sets our silicone molds apart is that we can create molds in shapes we just can’t with our premium and vacuum-formed forms. With the summer months approaching, we have a number of fun shapes to choose from, such as surfboards with the choice of three different tail shapes — square, round or wing tail. Our wine bottle and fender telecaster guitar molds are customer favourites and we also make a skateboard mold. Totally gnarly! If your hobby is making your own pens, we carry silicone pen molds for casting, with four chambers in one mold.

If our 12, 18 and 24" vacuum-formed rounds don’t work for your project, don’t forget we stock 14, 16 and 20" rounds in our silicone forms, along with 12 and 18".

All of our silicone forms are heavy duty and built to last. The walls are 5/8" thick, with the bottom of the form measuring around 1/2" thick. Each mold is made with premium silicone that has exceptional tear strength, working properties and library life. It features a knotty tear propagation, meaning if the rubber is torn, the tear quickly terminates in a ‘knot,’ reducing further damage to the mold. One five-star Etsy reviewer of our silicone molds had this to say about them, “This is a very well made mold. It is very sturdy…not flimsy, like some others out there!

We hope this has given you some helpful information to use when selecting your reusable form. Click here to shop our selection of silicone forms. We are excited to announce that we will be releasing some new silicone mold shapes soon, so be sure to stay tuned. And, if you have a shape you’d like to see in our silicone form collection, be sure to let us know. Happy making!

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