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Make it a Combo

A trend we have noticed with our customers over the last few years, particularly those of you who are new to working with wood and resin, is that you start by purchasing the smallest molds and slowly work your way up to larger projects and molds as you gain confidence in your ability. While this is a great plan, it isn’t the most economical! It is with our DIYers and hobbyists in mind that we created our three vacuum-formed combo packs.

While Exotherm Designs carries so many popular products, our rectangular, oval and round combo packs rank in the top three spots. By purchasing the three-piece rectangular and round, or two-piece oval bundles, our makers can save money versus purchasing them separately, and who doesn’t want to save money, right?!

When thinking about these forms, the first thing that may come to mind is making charcuterie boards of varying sizes and shapes, and with the skyrocketing popularity of charcuterie these days is it any wonder? However, there are a number of other projects that these forms can be used for. For instance, our round forms can be used to create wall clocks. Any number of the shapes and sizes can be used to create wall art. Our largest rectangular form, the 24” x 48,” can even be used to make a small desk or coffee table.

When we think of our combo packs, something else that comes to mind is a trend that is very popular right now — nesting coffee or side tables. By using two different size forms, perhaps our 18” and 24” rounds or our two ovals, you can create a beautiful set of nesting tables. This informative article lists eight coffee table trends to keep an eye on for 2023, including geometric nesting tables. It states, “The trend for nesting coffee tables that cleverly slot a small table under a larger sized coffee table is both aesthetically appealing, tasteful and artistic, and is a clever design feature that can save you valuable space in the home.” We love all of the information on coffee tables, including round and oval-shaped, in this article by Tom Faulkner in the UK.

We hope we have provided you with some creative inspiration. Be sure to tag us to let us know if you implement any of these ideas when using your combo packs or if you have come up with some new ideas of your own. We always love seeing what our makers are up to!

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