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Charcuterie: A Top Food Trend for 2023/24

While charcuterie has been around since it was invented in 15th century France, its popularity has exploded over the last several years, particularly during the last few years of the pandemic. While people were busy ordering groceries online and unable to go to restaurants for dinner, they started to elevate their mealtime experience with shareable charcuterie which was much more exciting than your average takeout meal. Millennials and GenZ started obsessing over decorating the perfect charcuterie board and posting photos to their social media accounts or "doing it for the gram." Many actually quit their jobs to work with or to sell their charcuterie board creations full-time.

Charcuterie's versatility now goes well beyond the simple cured meats and cheeses the boards were originally named after. There are now grazing boards, grazing tables, butter boards, dessert boards, BBQ boards, themed boards and even vegan boards. The possibilities seem to be endless!

As charcuterie rises in popularity we have to wonder, how long will this craze last? This excellent article, "5 Important Food Trends (2023 & 2024)" by Exploding Topics, provides some insight for us. In fact, charcuterie is listed as one of five food trends expected to continue growing not only in 2023 but well into 2024 as well.

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